Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Little Pony

Yes- That's right! 
Since my move I have been finding amazing treasures that I NEVER would have expected to find ever again. I am currently working on a book consisting of TTV Photographs of childhood toys. I think these are the perfect starting point for this project and these are just the two ponies that I brought into the house so far...

I still have the unicorns, flutter ponies and the male ponies to go through. I am really excited and can't wait! Not to mention I have TONS and TONS of vintage Star Wars, He-Man and She-Ra toys to go through. I can really feel the creativity and inspiration coming. If there are any suggestions on other childhood toys form the 1980's please let me know.

UPDATE: After my mom saw these images she exclaimed how she was glad that I went to art school for my degree just go later go on and photograph My Little Ponies....gee- thanks Mom!

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  1. my little pony rocks! still have the old ones too. (childhood memories..)
    I enjoyed looking at the pics of your blog.